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ChristnMe добави нов блог The Practical Christian Series. Prayer.

http://www.theempoweredchristian.com/tpc-prayer.html It amazes me how something simple as prayer has become so complicated, tedious, and hampered by man’s influence.

ChristnMe добави нов блог HE is !

  Did you notice? He did not ask Adam to name the plants but only the creations that have blood flowing through them. God is distinguishing the different life forms He created and the place they are to h…

ChristnMe добави нов блог Don't be a Martha.

http://www.theempoweredchristian.com/archives-118.html   It is said some are Anointed, and supposedly the rest of us are what? Unanointed? 

ChristnMe добави нов блог The Sinner, Salvation and Spirit.

http://www.theempoweredchristian.com/archives-117.html   A Sinner and for that matter, those in the church are either saved by Salvation with the Spirit as the guide, sounding board, and the revealer of…

ChristnMe добави нов блог The One Shepherd

http://www.theempoweredchristian.com/archives-116.html   We do need the church! What we don’t need is man’s definitions and will for the purpose of the church. This misguided notion that the…

ChristnMe добави нов блог We own the night!

http://www.theempoweredchristian.com/archives-115.html   God created and placed man for His right to remove satan’s illegal occupation of the Earth. This has always been His vision! To demonstrate…

http://www.theempoweredchristian.com/tpc-the-heavenly-language..html   Everyone in the Body of Christ having received the Holy Spirit has the innate Heavenly language in them just waiting to be spoken, …


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ChristnMe добави нов блог Letter to the Faithful - Sing!

http://www.theempoweredchristian.com/letter-to-the-faithful-78.html   Sing when it is dark! Sing when it is Light! Let not distractions by your limits tame you; nor the feelings of the world deter you. …

ChristnMe добави нов блог Wrestling with Jesus.

http://www.theempoweredchristian.com/archives-114.html “How be it the Spirit comes to teach all Truths” - Jn. 16:13. The Father of Heaven has not left us or abandoned us to this world much less ou…

ChristnMe добави нов блог Unconditional LOVE.

The Gospels describe Jesus as sorrowful, not anxious as do some authors. Both words are not synonymous. What the True narrative describes is that Jesus is sorrowful even unto death; which can be said; “b…

ChristnMe добави нов блог Consider the evil man.

He clung to His mandate as stated; “set the captives free” - Lk. 4:18. This speaks directly to His mission and purpose to long-suffer for His Father’s Kingdom. How much of us when presented w…

ChristnMe добави нов блог Whack-a-mole.

The game can be frustrating aa well as hypnotic, but ultimately if you don’t consistently whack the mole; you will not win the game. This world is such a game and when not played with the required acumen…

ChristnMe добави нов блог The Lord's Day

THE LORD'S DAY.   It is even more troubling that some Christian denominations make this a key to one’s Salvation as if by their own work they will be awarded a place in Heaven. When will the Bo…

ChristnMe добави нов блог The Law, Love, and Life in Christ.

The Spirit of the Lord (God) is upon Me; because He has Anointed Me to preach (as a teacher) the gospel to the poor (hopeless); He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted (in servanthood); to proclaim liberty …

http://www.theempoweredchristian.com/letter-to-the-faithful-77.html   Enter the Secret Place you who seek Hope and relief from the sinister darkness that moves about in the day. For your Hope is in…

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The Practical Christian Series. Prayer.

http://www.theempoweredchristian.com/tpc-prayer.html It amazes me how something simple as prayer has become so complicated, tedious, and hampered by man’s influence.

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