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Writing an academic paper involves more than just finishing your project in time. There is a variety of things to consider making your work quality. Referencing and citation styles are one of the things that you must put in mind. Harvard style citation is one of the most popular styles that academic writers use. If you are not familiar with citation styles, here are the ten most popular citation styles you can use.

1) APA

The American Psychological Association is an author/date based citation style. This is the most used style with emphasis placed on the author and publication date. It relies on in-text citations for any material summarized, paraphrased, or quoted in the paper. It is somehow similar to the Harvard citation style.

2) MLA

MLA is the most popularly used among the citation styles. It is mainly applied in the humanities and arts mostly among the US institutions. It relies on parenthetical citations for the quoted materials.

3) Harvard

Like APA, Harvard citation is also author/date based with other features bearing similarities to APA. The only difference between the two is that Harvard is mostly used in the UK and Australia within the humanities, while APA is used in the USA.

You do not have to go the manual way when using this citation style since you can use this tool for reference generation. Your work will be easier and done faster.

4) Vancouver

Medical students mostly apply this citation style in their academic work. Scientific papers also employ Vancouver citation style.

5) Chicago

Chicago style is mostly used in economics and history. You can rely on superscript numbers in the paper to indicate the paragraphs with corresponded endnotes and footnotes. You can also use parenthetic citations within a paper for the summarized or paraphrased work.

6) Turabian

Turabian style bears similarities to the Chicago style. It is used in economics and history. It also involves footnotes and endnotes, indicating correspondent paragraphs at the end of the paper.

7) CSE

This style is common in the sciences. It comes in three options. The first is the author-year parenthetical citations in the paper indicating the paraphrased material. The other option is the Citation-Sequence containing superscript numbers within the paragraph. The last option is citation-author with alphabetized numbers referenced at the end of the paper.

8) ASA Style

This citation style employs the author for in-text citations. The name and the date are put in parenthesis after the quote, paragraph, or summarized content. You can also note down the exact page number.

9) Bluebook

This style is mostly used by law students in the legal citation in the United States. It employs two types of citation. The first is the footnotes, which involve the superscript number and the bibliographies, which are located at the end of your paper.

10) ALWD

This is a citation guide to legal documents used by students in the United States. The style was compiled by the Association of Legal Writing Directors. It followed the standard footnote conventions in an academic paper.


No matter the subject you are studying, the citation is always a must. You must always adhere to instructions from the institution and employ the citation and referencing styles wisely. While there are citation generators, knowing them manually is also important.

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How to Write the Best Assignment Without Any Troubles?

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