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Get to know why Netflix, Amazon etc are involved in personalized tools

Oct 24, 2019

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Personalized marketing is considered as one of the best marketing strategy as of now since it is one-to-one marketing tool that focuses on mainly personalized  products, contents, emails, and much more. Some larger Businesses like Netflix and Amazon are already in progress of  leveraging the power of personalization.  

It is a advanced technique so that it can be applied to the products themselves by using a configuration system which allows people or target audience to choose individual specifications for the products they’re more interested in.  It is implemented as a type of automated process to craft all the individual messages, and building customer-oriented recommendation engines instead of company-orient selling engines. These activities are mostly carried out by Database manager, Marketing manager and importantly a software developer or Game development services
In more specific they concentrate and majorly tend to work on customer’s preferred  communications channel,  reference to customer’s history and current/anticipated needs, interactivity in communication. To really get the most from PPC automation, your campaigns need to be set up to help the algorithms work in your favor. That means implementing effective and accurate conversion tracking, writing great ad copy and identifying your ideal audiences and keywords. 
To  get success in personalized marketing  an individual or team should focus on main aspects like 
  •     Finding or making a single customer perspective/ view
  •     Available resources for carrying out process and time
  •     Appropriate or most relevant technology and some more factors according to current trend to  execute this marketing.
  •     Tracking purchasing behaviours of consumers
Some relevant examples are
  • Personalized emails for instance sending location based emails
  • Product recommendations by influencers,
  • Customized video messages for specific audience
  • Creating personalized ppc/other ads in social platforms.
  • Social media marketing for more audience.
Recently Most of the e-commerce sites have started sending Fear of Missing  out messages(FOMO) which are very crisp and brief about what people have to be informed  of using a product or service that they find to be reliable or trustworthy.  In the aftermath of 2018’s massive number of new features and tools 2019 will be a big opportunity for savvy advertisers to grab an advantage over the competition. It’ll be a lot of work, but that’s what makes the game fun having like ride at your budget.
Some famous examples includes Share a Coke’ campaign, first launched in Australia in 2012, still retains its title as one of the most original examples of personalized marketing to date. Starbucks successfully keeps customers engaged with its gamified mobile app. Integrating the brand’s rewards system with the ability to customize and order drinks via the app, it makes use of information such as purchase history and location to get as personal as possible.   For Easy jet its 20th anniversary a total of 12,473,608 unique emails were sent, and open rates were over 100% higher than the average easyJet newsletter – with 25% higher click-through rates.