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Top 10 Best Festive/Christmas/Birthday Gifts you can enjoy with your Dog!

Dec 27, 2019

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Christmas gifts for dogs are one of the most fun things you can shop for this holiday season.  As the holidays near, we’ve gathered inspiration as you shop for that special dog your life. All of these items are available at Amazon at impressing prices

1. ZippyPaws Holiday Reindeer Hide and Seek Plush Toy

Christmas gifts for dogs


This interactive plush puzzle toy challenges your dog mentally and physically, all while being one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen.

How it works is that you put the plush, squeaky reindeer toys in the Christmas-themed container and task your dog with finding a way to pull them out. Dogs love to bury their noses in the burrow to dig out the super-cute critters. You can also drop in a few treats for added fun.

When it comes to dog Christmas gifts, it doesn’t get more charming than this except that it stands good for small and medium dogs only. 


2. Subscription to BarkBox


You’ve probably heard of BarkBox before. If not, here’s the lowdown: It’s a subscription service where every month a box full of cool dog treats and toys is delivered to your doorstep. The box includes 4-6 items curated from their current collection.


When you get started, you can pick your dog’s size so all the treats and toys fit your pup just right.   It’s also a convenient way to try out new treats and toys that you probably never would have heard of.

3. Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine for Dogs

Bacon-flavored bubbles? This might just be one of the coolest Christmas gifts for dogs we’ve come across.

Dogs just love to chase and chomp bubbles, and let’s be honest, it’s a whole lot of fun to watch even . It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

To get started, you load up the Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine with the safe, 100% non-toxic solution, turn it on and sit back and watch your dog go crazy trying to catch the yummy bubbles.

4.KONG Wubba Ballistic Friends

A list of the best Christmas gifts for dogs isn’t complete without something from KONG, the creator of innovative, durable dog toys that we at My Dog’s Name absolutely adore.

The KONG Wubba Ballistic Friends are a cute and tough interactive squeak toy that challenges your pup physically. Each toy is covered with durable, reinforced nylon for added toughness, which is great for the vigorous chewers.  Versatile and strong, the Wubba is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

5.Rogz Grinz Dog Ball Treat Toy



Looking for a fun toy and lots of laughs? Check out the Rogz Grinz Dog Ball Treat.

First off, this is actually a pretty practical gift. The durable ball bounces and floats, making it perfect for games of fetch on land or in the water or Sports betting app development

6. iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs

Speaking of fetch, have you ever had a dog that just won’t stop? You’ll throw the ball time after time, and they just can’t get enough.

If this describes your pup, the iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower is the perfect solution. Your pup drops a tennis ball into the top and a second later, the ball shoots out for a game of fetch. The contraption does require a bit of training on your part, but once your dog gets a hang of it, they can entertain themselves for hours.

7. Raw Paws Dog Treat Gift Basket

Another fun idea when it comes to dog Christmas gifts is to treat the lucky pup in your life to a gift basket full of dog treats.

We like the Raw Paws gift basket because it includes high-quality, all-natural treats that your dog will love.

The gift basket includes compressed rawhide sticks and bones, jumbo Bully sticks, grain-free dog biscuits and peanut butter cookies made especially for dogs.

8. Star Wars Stuffed Toys

Since the first film came out in 1977, Star Wars has been incredibly popular. And these days it is more popular than ever thanks to the reboot by J. J. Abrams.

So, if you have a Star Wars lover in your life, or are a fan yourself, these stuffed toys are perfect for dog Christmas gifts.

Stores are full of Star Wars dog toys, but what really sticks out for us are the Chewbacca, Yoda and Ewok plush toys.

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