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Deep Groove Ball Bearings Purchasing Guide

Oct 20, 2019

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What are Deep Groove Ball Bearings (DGBB)?

Deep Groove Ball Bearing or DGBB is one of the most opted for Ball bearings inside the marketplace. For applications in heavy industries and higher precision apparatus it truly is the Deep Groove Ball Bearings which supplies bigger region of contact to deliver high-performance together with higher load capacity. Get extra info about KOYO NA4914 bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bearings possess a two-fold application-

Delivering rotational motion among a stationary and also a rotating aspect

Supporting radial and axial loads

Distinct Types of Deep Groove Ball Bearings:

Open Form

Shielded Variety

Sealed Form (Non-Contact)

Expansion Compensating Bearing

Common building of a DGBB

Elements within a DGBB-

Inner Ring

Outer Ring

Steel Balls


A DGBB is produced up of 2 rings- inner ring and an outer ring. You can find grooves cut into each the rings, so that the bearing assembly can take up radial and axial loads.

To location the steel balls evenly about the rings, there is a plastic / metallic cage to hold them in position.

Tips to select the proper Deep Groove Ball Bearings

You'll find particular attributes that you simply ought to take into consideration to decide the appropriate Deep Groove Ball Bearings. You are able to refer to the Product description web page for the features of a product or you can sort your search to locate just the Ball bearing you are hunting out for which includes:

Accessible Space


Precision and stiffness


Operating temperature

Vibration levels

Contamination levels

Lubrication type and method

In addition to the Above talked about functions make sure to verify out the Load Rating of Deep Groove Ball Bearing. Following load ratings need to have to become viewed as though selecting a bearing-

Dynamic Load Rating- This really is deemed for the bearings that happen to be dynamically loaded or rotating below load. It truly is nevertheless assumed that the load is continual in magnitude and path. It corresponds towards the bearing load that the bearing can sustain to get a rated life of 1,000,000 revolutions

Static Load Rating- This corresponds to a calculated contact strain at the center of most loaded rolling element / raceway contact which can be approx. 0.0001 from the rolling element diameter. Static Load Rating is viewed as for extremely slow rotational speeds, quite slow oscillating movements, stationary bearings for extended periods

Applications of Deep Groove Ball Bearing

These bearings are fairly versatile and used in high and extremely high speeds, robust in operation, requires small upkeep, uncomplicated in design and non-separable.





Household Appliances

Internal Combustion engines

Agriculture Machinery

Construction Machinery

Engineering Machinery

Operating Life of a Bearing:

The Life of a bearing is dependent upon the number of revolutions or the number of operating hours at a provided speed that the bearing can withstand just before the metal fatigue happens. The metal fatigue can happen around the raceway of inner or outer ring or around the rolling element.

The common factors that contribute towards failure of a bearing are abrasive put on, moisture, improper mounting, corrosion, improper shaft/housing fits, skidding of rolling components, and failure on account of lubrication systems.