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What Are The Different Types Of Wedding Invitations?

Feb 05, 2020

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Want To Send Wedding Invitations? Your wedding invitations are actually one of the most important elements of your day. Wedding invitation is one of the first glimpses your guests will see of what’s in store for them on your wedding day. The invitation's primary purpose is to outline exactly where and when you're getting married.

There are so many directions you can choose to take with your invitation. 


Popular Types of Wedding Invitation Paper:


Cotton Fiber: Made up of completely cotton and is a very popular choice among brides and grooms who want a clean, classic look.

Linen Finish: A high quality, cotton blend paper with a textured, lightly cross hatched surface.

Recycled: A common choice for eco-friendly or rustic style weddings, this paper is composed of repurposed materials. This style ranges from brown kraft card stock to pulpy, handmade papers.

Vellum: A sheer, frosted paper which is typically layered on top of an opaque sheet of paper featuring a solid color or a decorative graphic.

Glassine: A light, waxy paper that is often used for envelopes, overlays, pouches, and other accents rather than for the invitation card itself.

Popular Wedding Invitation Styles:

There are so many directions you can choose to take with your invitation.

  • Personalized Wedding Invitations

  • Vintage Wedding Invitations

  • Boho-Chic Wedding Invitations

  • Letterpress Wedding Invitations

  • Fairytale Letterpress Wedding Invitations

  • Watercolor Wedding Invitations

  • Modern Wedding Invitations

  • Rustic Wedding Invitations

  • Minimalistic Wedding Invitations

There are so many directions you can take when inviting your friends and family to your big day.