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Viet Tien Elevator is always the first choice for five-star hotels, high-rise offices, luxurious building complexes and public transportation infrastructures.

Viet Tien Elevator Company is a place where customers have trusted in providing a complete service on the development, design and production, installation and maintenance of quality and prestigious elevators in Ho Chi Minh City. . Our company will provide you with the best vertical transport solutions according to the needs and preferences of our users, with the utmost safety. Every project that Viet Tien Elevator carries out is committed to: quality in each device, flexibility and adaptability, competitive price and long-term after-sales service.

Always striving to sustain the ever-changing technology of the elevator industry, we are always thinking of new ways to improve product quality. In order to achieve the criterion of "Smart and durable to be trusted" in each product provided by elevator is a continuous effort of all officials and employees of the company, who are always seeking to constantly Improve the quality and complete product code. Our company located in Ho Chi Minh City is ready to supply and install all kinds of high-class elevator products and equipment imported from famous elevator brands in the world to every place in need.

Criteria ground

Intelligence: The product is integrated with artificial intelligence of leading experts in elevator industry in the world.

Durable: All equipment of the lift system meet the continuous operation cycle in hot and humid environments in Vietnam.

Reliability: The highest level of service efficiency provided to customers with reasonable investment costs and competitive prices.

Viet Tien Elevator Co., Ltd is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City and branches in the East and Southwest of Vietnam. We are ready to serve you in every area at any time with the fastest time when receiving the request to send the elevator quote of your choice. To contact Viet Tien Elevator to see the sample elevator being installed at the office, please go to the address below.

Address Office Ho Chi Minh City


63, Chau Thi Hoa, Ward 4, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City

Website: https://sieuthithangmay.com/

Passenger Elevator

Passenger Elevator is designed to carry people and can be in many different forms. Because these elevators carry passengers, specific requirements and standards must be met to ensure safety. They are manufactured in various sizes, transporting passengers with a wide range of required loads.

These elevators can be customized with different designs, both inside and outside the cabin. So they can match the design and style of the space around it. Passenger elevators often appear in the design drawings of architects, from shopping malls, buildings to private residences. They also tend to travel faster than other elevators because they are often used in high-rise buildings, where passengers can travel back and forth between floors.

With an experienced technical team, Viet Tien Elevator is ready to offer open solutions with reasonable specifications, designed to meet the needs of any space, capacity and passenger flow. Smart product technology makes maintenance and upgrades in the future simple and cost-effective throughout our passenger lift range.
Url: http://sieuthithangmay.com/thang-tai-khach/

Freight Elevator

Freight elevator is a kind of freight elevator with or without people depending on the rules of the factory. This type of elevator has a relatively large allowable load compared to passenger lifts, so it is often used tractors with gearbox (with engine room). Cabin walls are often fitted with impact guards. Doors have a maximum size, can be opened manually (folding iron doors) or automatically opened (2 open wings or 4.6 wings open heart).

Viet Tien cargo elevators have a solid material structure because they are reinforced, combined with intelligent processing technologies, to ensure safe transport of heavy objects in accordance with many safety criteria. of the world.

Viet Tien cargo elevators are often installed in export processing zones, factories, warehouses in multi-storey buildings. Our cargo lifts ensure stable, reliable and safe operation that will keep your production line running smoothly and on schedule.
Url: http://sieuthithangmay.com/thang-tai-hang/

Machine Room Less Lifts

(Machine-Room-Less Lifts) is a significant step forward in the elevator industry in recent times. This type of elevator uses a permanent magnet tractor with a much smaller size and mass than a traditional gearbox with the same load capacity.

Non-machine room elevators do not require a separate engine room on top of the lift pit like a conventional elevator. They help investors save the construction space to a minimum, protect the environment with the most advanced technology available today.

The advantage of using Viet Tien machine roomless elevator aims to save significant power consumption and eliminate the additional cost of gearbox lubricants that are released after a period of use as a tractor. traditional. Although the investment cost of this type of elevator is 15% higher than that of elevators with engine room, they are still commonly used for buildings with height control of central engine room and central control such as private houses. , city hotels ...
Url: http://sieuthithangmay.com/thang-may-khong-phong-may/

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THANG MÁY VIỆT TIẾN Viet Tien Elevator is always the first choice for five-star hotels, high-rise offices, luxurious building complexes and public transportation infrastructures.

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Không còn nghi ngờ gì nữa, thang máy là lựa chọn tốt nhất cho người mất khả năng vận động và người khuyết tật. Theo cách này, nó kết | още

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