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We are the light of the world and the light penetrates darkness. Don't stop shining.

Nothing of itself
Water is nothing of itself unless it is poured out to nourish the soil, to be imbibed by animals, birds and humans and for the fish to have its livelihood sustained. Water in a cup is nothing unless it serves its purpose for which it was created. The soil is nothing if it had not been the source of life for vegetation. Vegetation is null unless it is eaten by other life forms. Human thinking is nothing unless it benefits others and self. Bread is nothing of itself for it was baked to feed, if not consumed it is wasted and becomes null. Money is nothing unless it is used for exchange of goods it represents; so does gold and silver for these are nothing of themselves except what they REPRESENT.
Man is nothing at all unless he brings forth diverse fruits for the good of self and others thus justifying his existence. Humans have no substance at all - NULL for we are a direct product of God’s graciousness. We arrive and depart and unless something is written down for posterity’s sake any memories of our being vanish; they themselves have no substance but remain as thoughts, memories, and images in minds of the next generation.

Healthy minds
Thoughts are spiritual entities, which enter our healthy minds. Tampered with minds, often through mind expanding substances, are deprived of the ability to fully grasp true realities of life. The abuser’s awareness can be altered until one becomes entirely isolated from a normal manner of seeing things in their true perspectives. Pain is often the only continuing reality for it is deep seeded memory of violation and injury. Because of the self-inflicted impairment one naturally searches for any other still flawless memories, not being able to access them one tends to hurl these imaginary “injustices” at others. For fellowship and consolation sake one probes others who might share in similar injurious memories. This thick wall alienating such people from the rest of society can be removed only at victim’s unconditional surrender to someone who has been fortunate enough to instill deep confidence. Changing of memories by therapy alone is futile, for a season it might appear successful but another “crash” is imminent; pharmaceuticals alter only the physical side of brain but are not meant neither are able to even approach the spiritual memory bank. Through electric shocks, intended to get a patient out of the state of depression, sometimes destroy one part of brain, which is the physical memory bank and what is the result? Because of this destruction a patient becomes a mental vegetable unable to cope with true realities of life for that which was true before has been removed and what remained is SUBCONSCIOUS struggle with the inner self.
The physical cannot ever mix with the spiritual. When life is removed the body becomes a dead matter. When body fails the spirit of life departs. Although they function together they don’t belong to each other, neither become one.
Unless one is guided towards God in total surrender drugs further destroy the spiritual fiber of man. Suppression is destruction. Any type of pressure inflicts more pain, which in turn creates more pain in terms of memories and thought processes.
Once this total surrender to God is achieved the Memory-Maker Himself can alter back what’s been tempered with and damaged.
For the more capable ones, however, God permits bad memories to stay in, in order to bring one to repentance after which the prevailing power is granted. By holding on to this conviction – that the old is gone and the new rules – fosters sound and healthy personality. Man is born to exercise dominion over creation therefore the Almighty knows what is possible and what is not, by leaving some “unturned stones” in the memory bank He helps us to overcome. Exactly as the immune system must have something to fight against to be strengthened so does a healthy mind. There is no prefect health, our bodies are in constant movement, when we sleep we may dream, blood flows through veins as our hearts drive the nutrients through the system. We shed skin, we get new skin, we lose hair, and we grow hair; gain weight and we shed pounds… on and on and on. Weakness leads to strength and too much strength leads to weakness. We must learn how to handle these extremes and that is only possible through knowledge. Much knowledge about nutrition has been recently released; health food stores sprang up, books published and people try to cope with stress, which robs us of nutrients and vitamins. Our fast-paced way of life slowly kills us. We do not have enough money, so we get in debt, and through it comes stress and then we pop pills.
As the body’s immune system needs the challenge so do memories therefore bad memories do remain, but for obvious reasons they are being fought against and suppressed. This is a mistake number one. Bad memories should not be fought against but OUTWEIGHED by creating good memories. The time arrives when the good entities tilts the scale in your favor resulting in character build up and reinforcement of the good inside; you are then ready to cope with almost anything life might present you with. The point is that what remains are spiritual entities, thoughts, and you are their master. How does one become master of his thoughts, feelings and memories are explained as follows.

Universal Codependency
The spirit of man is null for it is not a tangible substance just as a tangible substance is nothing for all pass on, changing forms and constituents e.g. the spirit of life has been sent into another reality, after it issued from its source, whence it shall return after its mission’s fulfillment.

God the Creator is the source of light, for light is life and life is spirit, which runs the Universe. The sun only reflects THIS awesome light by only mirroring God’s life force, sending it down to earth, for if it had been the source itself it would annihilate itself first and anything else in its path. It must reflect, filter and shield otherwise no life could endure. Nothing stands by itself, but is codependent. All things seem to exist by means of transmigration and movement just as our eyes register objects through optical nerves, which in turn create an image or vision in the brain. For one it is a true image, for another it may be a distorted one, for another one a passing illusion, nevertheless it is registered as something. This “something” is “something” BECAUSE IT VIBRATES AND MOVES. Colors do vibrate but only within a contrasting environment. If all that we observe was exactly the color of the sky no eyesight would ever detect it, unless there was a movement, with green it would be the same as with any other similar experiment. As soon as we place a slightly different color on a white piece of paper we recognize it, however, when we place an identical color of paper it is hardly recognizable at all.
Movement and vibration is the sign of life. God is life and He is Life by means of Self-Nullification for the sake of the things He created. Any seed must decay first and then at the moment of its death an offshoot comes to life, it comes to life because of self-nullification of the mother seed.
The moment one thinks he is something he begins to decay and come to naught, but if someone holds dear, all the blessings bestowed upon him by the All Merciful One, such will never experience loss, for the One he depends on, shall sustain him; this is the law. The law is such that when anyone nullifies himself he MUST be ministered to by the Almighty for the Almighty Himself automatically reacts when there is an opening made for Him to fill. This Is The Law Of The Universe.

The Unseen
God our Father cannot be seen by the simple reason that there is NOTHING TO SEE. HE IS CONCEALED. “No man has seen God at ANY TIME; the only begotten God - Son who is in the bosom of the Father, HE HAS EXPLAINED HIM.” (John 1:18) “Explained” is the word. Moses was allowed to see God’s back, but how the back looked is not explained. We shall see the Father only after we shall BECOME LIKE HIM; in like likeness we shall behold Him. And what is this likeness? NOTHING!!! In nothingness we are one with God. You might object and say, how can you say that God is nothing?
My dear friend, God is Spirit and the Spirit has no self-identity, so we shall be like Him, like His beloved Son whose identity was in the Father. Yeshua was nothing for He said. "Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, unless it is something He sees the Father doing; for whatever the Father does, these things the Son also does in like manner. (John 5:19) "I can do nothing on My own initiative. As I hear, I judge; and My judgment is just, because I do not seek My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me. (John 5:30) Without the Father the Son is nothing and without the Spirit God is nothing (because He then has no life), and without the Son the Father is nothing for there is no father without a son and the son can do nothing without His Father’s Life; the Holy Breath. By the same token we are His children not an offshoot of some big bang for big bang can hardly be called a father. In the same sense the Father would be nonexistent if there was no one to tell it. But we are here, and we tell what has been told.
One relies upon the other, serving us as we serve Him; as the sun serves us so that we might be alive to serve someone else. We are nothing and all things are nothing unless they serve a greater then themselves purpose.

Isaiah said: “I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, lofty and exalted with the train of His robe filling the temple. Seraphim stood above Him...” (Isaiah 6:1-2)

Isaiah saw the Lord by seeing His throne, His robe and the Seraphim. By means of the throne, elevation, His robe and His angels Isaiah recognized Him to be the Lord. The Lord has always manifested Himself through His angels and last of all through His son Yeshua who was born of a woman.
Abraham had a visitation of three angels and he called them: “MY LORD” (Genesis 18:2-3). The Father Himself has remained and will always remain CONCEALED for only in His concealment, smallness, obscurity or nothingness He is Glorious and Majestic beyond any earthly comprehension. In order to grasp this concept one must arrive at the point of self-nullification. This is the first step in thought, feeling, imaginations and memories mastering.
Thoughts and Reality
Since our thoughts express their realities through our facial expressions, words and behavior, the moment thoughts are under our intellect’s dominion mannerism and obvious characteristics shall change in accordance with the reality inside. ”As a man thinks within himself SO HE IS...” (Proverbs 23:7)
“If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up? And if you do not well, sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you, but you MUST MASTER IT.” (Genesis 4:7)

Thinking processes must be reinforced with absolute conformity to the once given word, staying loyal to own decisions, but above all to God’s.

“...Is it not true, though you were LITTLE IN YOUR OWN EYES, you were made the HEAD of the tribes of Israel...” (1 Samuels 15:17)

Later on we learn that this headship was removed from King Saul because of his foolishness. As long as he stayed self-nullified he prospered, the moment he listened to others he forgot the details of the Lord’s strict commandment. In time Saul became emotionally unstable, confused and distraught.
Who is the Father?
We have examined ourselves for a while; now let us turn our attention toward our Heavenly Father.
The Name YHVH begins with the smallest of all Hebrew letters the letter YUD. It is a tiny stroke or a point and its number is ten, which speaks of divinity. This is the secret of concealment and self-nullification. For even the Almighty Himself is nullified in order to EMANATE. By means of emanation He is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent.

“The Lord said that He would dwell in the THICK (DARK) CLOUD.” (2 Chronicles 6:1)

Without emanation He could not say in His Holy Word that He “searches all...” (1 Chronicles 28:9); only light penetrates and searches out, whether the revealed light detected by sight or the concealed one, perceived spiritually.
Movement is the fruit of life. Stalemate is deadness. The manifestation of life does not originate in substance as we tend to perceive but rather in lack of it; in order to comprehend this great mystery of self-nullification there must come a change of our thinking.
Let us look at waste. Any waste can be a breeding ground for a new life. Horse’s manure is an excellent material for mushroom production. Soil is nothing but dirt yet from it trees and flowers grow. A semen is the very environ in which life has its home. The fluid itself is a waste, but not the tiny spermatozoon, which travels towards the female egg in order to fertilize it. A kernel of any seed is wrapped in garments, these garments perish so does the seed itself later on, but the life it contains can by no means be handled, except in circumstances in which its mission can be accomplished. It cannot be displayed in any other way. Seed must fall to the ground and die in order to produce after its kind and semen must enter a womb for conception purposes.
Sin is imputed as soon as that which was created for life’s procreation is totally misdirected and wasted. As long as things function the way they were designed by the infinite mind of the Creator so long shall exist harmony between God and man, woman and man, woman and woman, man and man; humans and the earth with its fullness.
Our heavenly Father cannot be seen for the moment He is seen He ceases to be God. Why? It is not hard to explain. When someone does not care about light, which a light bulb emits, but only what it is made of the object of interest ceases to serve its purpose. When someone looks at the brightness of light itself one cannot see its components. In the same way one cannot see electricity but only its effects displayed in another reality. Again transmutation and transmigration is the purpose for all things. It is hard to hit a moving target. A swiftly passing object can hardly be identified; so is our Father - the Spirit.
Misdirection is a deviation from the straight path and deviation is perversion; perversion originates in rebellion, rebellion stems from pride, and pride was found in Cain and through him it entered humanity as a whole.
Spirit of Pride
Where did pride come from? The answer is: God created it.
Yes God made pride. How can God create something evil when He is good? You may wonder. But is pride evil?
The dilemma religion faces is the question of sources. What is the source of witchcraft or the source of benevolence? We all were taught that the first comes from Satan, period; and of course the second from God.

“See now that I am He, and there is NO GOD BESIDES ME; It is I who PUT TO DEATH and GIVE LIFE. I have WOUNDED, and it is I who HEAL, and there is no one who can deliver from My hand.” (Deuteronomy 32:39)

The source is always life even the spirit of life, but it is our mishandling of it that produces evil. The very misdirection of the precious gift of our Creator is sin for which we shall indeed be judged on the last day. Those who practice witchcraft, occultism, spiritism, magic and Satanism are not only misguided fools, but are violators of God’s law. Those that use life to harm others shall be harmed themselves. When the living plays with the dead he or she will die. That which they played with shall take over; those that torment shall be tormented.
The emanating beauty of God makes me respond in the like manner. If I handle beautiful things then these in turn do adorn me. Nonetheless, I have the choice to play god and use the power of life to manipulate others and profit from their naiveté and simplicity; if I do this I do evil. But what makes me do evil? It is always the pompous self, the same one that seeks definitions of self and constantly refuses to bathe ‘itself’ in the Father’s identity so that He can make His abode in me.
Pride has no place in heaven simply because in heaven flesh is not found. Pride cannot function in the instantaneous realm for it must attach itself to something it can control. Only flesh and matter can be defined in self-admiring terms; being proud of some achievement is another sort of pride, which is not wrong.
Also, sin cannot be, and never was found, in the spiritual sphere for sin and the law, which was exclusively given to the physical man, solely defines transgression. A spiritual man, quite naturally, abides by the rules of that law because these are elementary things. Our bodies need, sleep, eat, cohabit and rest, be washed, move and earn sustenance; basically support the physical life. With these functions came also laws of cleanliness and morality.
In Hebrew sin is defined as the way of pain, it’s like the lack of hygiene, which may cause infectious diseases even leprosy, so immoral conduct causes injuries, which are hard to heal besides breeding not only venereal diseases, but others like the HIV.
It pains God to see His children walk in sin. Sin is violence and this is only possible here on earth. In the spiritual realm pain is not possible, for time does not exert its pressure, shedding of blood, adulteries and territorial instincts do not produce thoughts of envy or hate. Space is grace and where one finds space territoriality becomes nonexistent. No wonder that the Truth, the Holy Spirit, makes one indeed free.
Pride can only exist in the presence of self and self only exists on earth, therefore pride is a foreign thing in heaven and angels do not grasp it, but God does. He is the only one that knows it and yet He had shared it with us in the Garden of Eden. He is the master of all things and He made us masters over this earth, but before one can master the earth, first he or she must master the self.
A seed is a physical thing, but it secretes the power of life and the only way this power can be released is by ‘attacking’, as it were, the self. The self is not attached to the core of the seed, but to its shell, just as pride is not found in our spirit man, but in the flesh. The shell of the seed must decay and perish before the power in the center of its being can come forth.
As it was earlier explained all life is secreted in some form of a useless substance, which in turn becomes a breeding ground for other life forms. Life, in order to stay pure and undefiled, chooses only that which it needs; and rejects anything it has used up discarding it as something unclean. In order to recreate after itself a perfect specimen, it must strictly abstain from uncleanness and rigorously adhere to its pattern of nature otherwise it may result in a deformed offspring somewhere down the patrimonial line. As the very nature shows us only the fittest pass on their genes; only the most vigorous and determined seed is allowed to penetrate the egg while all the hundreds of millions of sperms become a waste.
If some perversion occurred and its outgrowth found its way into the final offspring the result is imperfection; in plant and animal life as well as in humans, effecting mind’s thinking processes, the soul and body, emotions, memories and the abilities to cope with pressures.
Having said all the above we can now see that pride was created by God for this temporary sphere only; just as night was made to exalt the light of day. By having the spirit of pride present - through Self-Nullification - God chose humility thus preserving the pure pattern of sublime beauty, righteousness, altruism, mercy and love unsurpassed by any standards of measurement.
With the creation of the body, from the elements of the earth, came also earth-attachment and with it self-orientation, which wrought pride.
Cain was the first man that had to learn how to master pride, but failed; its first offshoot was murder. Cain became the first murderer and the first liar. Since he did not repent he passed it on to his offspring the Kenites. "You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature; for he is a liar, and the father of lies. [John 8:44]
We must never forget that nothing happens by chance, regardless what may seem. It may sometimes appear to the contrary, but it is only to stimulate search for deeper knowledge, which in itself is godliness. 


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