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Astrid Magerle


Prayer changes EVERYTHING - because JESUS CARES

Моята Молитва

GOD IS AWESOME!!! He is doing so much here in our city & the whole country Austria :D People getting touched, open for the good news, healed and so much more! It would be great if you |още

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Stonesister Feb 04, 2010

GOD IS AWESOME!!! He is doing so much here in our city & the whole country Austria :D People getting touched, open for the good news, healed and so much more! It would be great if you would join us in prayer for protection, because there are so many attacs (dark side is getting nervouse I think ;)). Thank you so much, be blessed

Stonesister Oct 08, 2009

Jesus, I pray deeply from my heart for our youth. Many of them are so lost and deep in darkness, pretending to have fun - and destroy their lifes. Come Abba, beloved father and touch their hearts so deeply that they really recognise your Love & Truth! Thouch them with your Father-heart, give them hope and heal the deep wounds! And I ask You for forgivness for everyone of them. For all the things they have done and still do - for every way they live without you and are following the dark path of life. Have mercy and show your grace! You are so much bigger and so much brighter that the darkness. Save them all! I pray in Jesus Name!!!

Kyli Jul 16, 2009 1 Коментар

Lord, We pray for our family members to love each other more. We ask for your forgiveness in our disobedience. We need more of your compassion to love the unlovables. We cast down our cares upon you and take up your yoke, which is light. We cast down our negative and defeating thoughts and put in our minds Lord your positive words which are good and pure. We pray against the devil's work; we bind the strong man in Jesus name. We ask that you break the grounds that's been given to the devil and reclaim them back to you, Lord in Jesus name. Remind us of the truth victory in Christ. Let us not use the excuse of being busy to avoid doing the right things and honor our parents. Revive our spirit and ignite us once again. In you all things are possible. Every matter is small in your mighty hands. We give ourselves to you again. As we remain in you, please remain in us for that is our source of life. Happiness is in the Lord.

Kyli Jun 29, 2009

Lord Jesus, I pray for a greater hunger in your words and a deeper desire for your will to be done. Pray that my eyes will be opened to see your hands in my life and ears to hear your voice as your guide me in your path of righteousness. Help me to praise you in all things.

Stonesister Jun 16, 2009 2 Коментари

Lord Jesus! I really want you to touch my parents. Both are deep in darkness but don´t really recogise. Come with your glory and your light, shine on them and give their broken, wounded hearts healing. Sometimes it´s really hard for me (and also my little sister I think) to honor them. Please help us to forgive and give us much more love and wisedom for them - so that they can see, that you are much more than going to church 3 times a year. Holy Spirit, speak to them, wisper the one and only truth in their hearts and let them see, what real life is, real love and friendship. I bless them both in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen

Stonesister May 07, 2009

Hey there! Let´s pray for all the familys in Austria who are destroyed, in pain and in chaos! There are so many kids outside without a real father & mother. May our holy father in heaven come with his love & touche them all. Holy spirit, i pray for that you come and fall - fall on AUSTRIA :D

Stonesister Apr 14, 2009

Hey @ you all! Here in Wolfsberg God is doing amazing things through many faithfull people. It would be great if you would also pray for some of them: The pastor family "Reiterer" (Meinrad, Bärbl and their kids Luke, Eva and Dani), and also for the 3 "Americans" Steve, Alex and Jason! Let´s pray for protection, anointing, strengh, joy, wisdom and provision, because YOUR prayer can change everything :D Have a blessed day!

anna^^ Nov 11, 2008 1 Коментар

My Lord, I am nothing without you. You made me - You make me still every day. You decide what becomes of me. I put my trust in you. You will help me. However big the mess is, that I am currently in. You are my saviour, and I beg you to save my soul, my heart and my life. I am yours. Make me part of your plan. AMEN.